We believe the Bible is the true and inspired written Word of God - fully authoritative and sufficient for a person to understand how to please and bring glory to God. Therefore, we seek to faithfully interpret, communicate, and apply its teachings in our ministries and in our lives.


There is a poster just inside our front doors that can help you find the class for you. These classes are for college age and older on Sunday beginning at 10:00 a.m. and include the following options:


Through the Bible

Led by John Baer - Office Conference Room

~We will be continuing our study through the Bible. This quarter’s theme is “Christ the Son of Man.”


Christmas Experience

Led by Eric Rahn - Room 211
~It is an “imaginative Bible-based study that examines the important truths discovered in the first Christmas. There is an important truth that we discover as we experience that first Christmas. God always keeps His promises. For all of us that find ourselves feeling like it is always winter and never Christmas, we often feel distanced from God. But through this study, and the story of Christmas, we find out that we can always trust God's timing.


The Gospel of Mark

Led by Don Pflederer - Room 125/126
~We will continue with the verse-by-verse study of Mark. Class participation is encouraged so please bring your Bibles and we will see what the Lord has for us to learn.



Led by Chad Arseneau - Room 214
~Prophesy, end times, and current events – a Bible Study and open discussion to explore world events, Biblical prophecy, and the Gospel.


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