We believe the Bible is the true and inspired written Word of God - fully authoritative and sufficient for a person to understand how to please and bring glory to God. Therefore, we seek to faithfully interpret, communicate, and apply its teachings in our ministries and in our lives.


There is a poster just inside our front doors that can help you find the class for you. These classes are for college age and older on Sunday beginning at 10:00 a.m. and include the following options:


Through the Bible

Led by John Baer - Office Conference Room

~We will be continuing our study through the Bible. This quarter’s theme is “Kings and Prophets of Judah.” 


Created to Connect

Led by Dave & Sonya Hillrich - Room 213
~For families formed through adoption or foster care. Together we will work through the book “The Connected Child,” along with the study guide “Created to Connect,” which is intended for small groups. These resources bring insights, tools and encouragement to parents of children who have faced various kinds of trauma in their early years (loss of parents, medical trauma, neglect and abuse are all examples of early trauma)."Our children need to understand God's love for them and the hope that is offered through Jesus Christ, even as they desperately need to experience that love expressed in tangible and practical ways through us." This class is intended for parents or caregivers of children with trauma in their history. Please join us! Contact Dave or Sonya with any questions.



Led by Don Pflederer - Room 125/126
~We will continue doing a verse-by-verse study of the book of Romans.  Class         participation is encouraged so please bring your Bibles and we will see what the Lord has for us to learn.


Current Issues

Led by Kevin Steiner - Room 211
~Christianity is in decline in developed countries, and we have been plagued with a deluge of issues of recent that largely didn’t even exist a generation ago, specifically Obesity & Healthcare, Opioid Epidemic, Materialism & soaring Personal & Public Debt, Record Refugees Globally & Terrorism, Laws and Supreme court rulings, Time Management crisis, and Globalization/Trade Deficit.  The first session will overview WHY these issues matter to us and the church, and lay a framework for addressing them.  Subsequently at a rate of one issue per week we will first scope the magnitude of each issue (how significant it is and why it matters), then brainstorm in an open    forum ways to address the root causes and mitigate ramifications. 


College & Careers

Led by Joshua Litwiller and Brady Zimmer - Room 206
~This class will be a conversational class based on podcasts & articles that examine relevant Biblical topics related to faith in our lives, the church, and the culture. We think these challenging conversations about our beliefs are important to have in order to strengthen our faith. Our goal is to create an environment of discussion by which we explore our beliefs and address our doubts. This class is for college age & 20's.

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